Kriscool_Air Cooled Scroll ChillersWhat is  Kriscool Mini?

Kriscool mini chillers are highly energy efficient and are perfectly designed to work within extreme tropical weather conditions. Equipped with European and USA origin best quality components, these chillers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with international industrial standards. These chillers are operation friendly, easy to install and backed by competent engineering team for operational advantage.

Kriscool mini chillers capacity range varies from 3 TR to 17 TR with high COPs. Inherent features like compact design, low noise, safe running and easy maintenance makes the chiller suitable for wide range of applications.

Why Kriscool Mini?

Energy EfficientEnergy Efficient

With the energy-efficient technology of the Kriscool Mini, you can improve your Carbon Footprint while still maintaining your comfort level. In fact, installing one 7.5 TR Kriscool Mini air-conditioning system can be equivalent to planting approximately 50 mature trees.

Ergonomic DesignErgonomic Design

Kriscool Minis are customised, compact, stylish and silent indoor units which are ergonomically designed for the best thermal and acoustic performance.

Intelligent ControlIntelligent Control

The Kriscool Mini enjoys fully automated operation through intelligent microprocessor-based controls with flexibility to match individual needs.

Advanced Digital Control SystemAdvanced Digital Control System

This machine’s Digital Control System enables the possibility of connecting with a Remote Terminal. It offers excellent reliability, an ergonomic display, and simple wiring.

KRISCOOL mini 2- Non Stop Cooling System (optional)

KrisCool Mini - How it works

The Kriscool Mini’s TES technology enables it to store ‘cooling energy’ when power is available, and utilise stored ‘cooling energy’ when the power fails, or even to boost the air-conditioning capacity of the system during peak demand periods. Thus, eliminating the need of using a Genset in such instances.

How It Helps

  • Provides NON-STOP cooling even in the event of power failures.
  • Generates hot water … free of cost.
  • Saves electricity costs by shifting electricity consumption from peak hours to off-peak hours.
  • Ensures operationally silent cooling.
  • Allows one to condition each individual zone as it is occupied, and as per individual preferences through advanced zoning capabilities.
  • Reduces the Capital Cost of electrical installations and/or Back-up Power Systems.
  • Saves power with its energy-efficient Chiller and Compressor.
  • Maintains better comfort condition and humidity levels.
  • Assures reliability with its high-specification, worry-free design and function.
  • Allows installation in phases while keeping the efficiency advantage of a central system.



  • Hospitality: Luxury Hotels | Service Apartments | Restaurants | Pubs & Bars
  • Business: Commercial Complexes | Offices | IT parks
  • Healthcare & Wellness: Hospitals | Nursing Homes | Gyms | Spas
  • Education: Schools | Colleges | Institutes
  • Residential: Towers | Luxury Villas | Second Homes
  • Retail: Malls | Showrooms | Shops

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