The Kriscool brand of chillers have been specially designed to meet the need for energy efficient products, in both the Indian as well as international market.
The KRiskool Dual Screw Chiller uses a Twin Screw Compressor which features a semi-hermetic motor and two independent refrigeration and hydraulic circuits
The Kristherm Heat Pump is a Microprocessor-controlled heating unit which can be used to provide hot water or room heating by transferring excess heat from
Integrated Cooling Solution
“We have invested in two Air Cooled chillers providing year round comfort to our customers. Cristopia provides us with a fully integrated cooling solution designed for maximum efficiency and critical redundancy.”

Hotel Royal Orchid
Hotel Royal Orchid


With 18+ years of experience,Cristopia India has dedicated itself to bridging the gap between new age technology and real world application.Through innovation and expertise,we have seen to fruition numerous cases which have not only added value to our client’s business but also gone beyond their every expectation.

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Since our inception in 1994,we have been successful in setting up cost-effective,energy efficient air-conditioning,process cooling and heating solutions for numerous clients spanning a wide array of industries. We, understand the importance given to ambiance, aesthetics and guest comfort in the Luxury Hospitality.

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